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I have been working with Erin for almost 2 years now… She is a fantastic instructor and is always adding new exercises to my routine as I become stronger and more capable. I highly recommend her studio to anyone interested in pilates. It is spotlessly clean, parking is easy and I look forward to working with her every week!

C.S. 2/2020

"Fantastic teacher always adding new exercises as I become stronger"
"Fantastic experience for beginners and experts alike"

Have been visiting my parents in Bristol and was sent here by my mother who has been seeing Erin for years. We've got a pretty high bar for exercise classes back at home and Erin met and exceeded all of them! Have been seeing her for weeks and will be back next time we're in Bristol. The studio is clean, safe, and relaxing. Erin as an instructor is incredibly knowledgable and impressive in her craft. A fantastic experience for beginners and experts alike!

L.E. 11/2020

My husband and I have weekly semi-private lessons with sole-owner/instructor Erin.  She is the best: so knowledgeable about pilates, the human body and health.  Her studio is personable and her approach is customized for each student--the opposite of "industrial" fitness gyms.  We are so lucky to have Alignmentz in Bristol.

Our balance, strength and flexibility have improved since working with Erin.  She is great with us novices, and we would not miss our weekly class unless we are traveling out of town.  My husband has specific ailments and I am just a weakling--and Erin has helped us both.  We consider Alignmentz part of our ongoing health regime.  I only hope I can be as flexible and strong as Erin someday!  We recommend for all ages; worth every penny and we are happy to be in semi-private classes forever, though we hear her group classes are great too.

A.D. 8/2019

"Part of our ongoing health regime"

While on an extended stay in Bristol, I had the pleasure of attending Pilates classes at this studio. The owner and sole instructor, Erin, is the heart and soul of the practice! Erin is fantastic and “spot-on” about helping you modify your poses in order to attain proper form in both mat and reformer classes. She is also motivating, inspiring and extremely accomplished in Pilates.  Erin is a professional and takes her work seriously (without being overly serious herself) and wants every attendee to get the most out of the time spent in her studio.


The studio is clean (even by my germophobic standard) and neat...Sign-up and attendance items are efficiently handled and do not detract from class time.


As a nice bonus, Erin will introduce attendees to each other; which can simply generate good will during the class or can result in friendships (depending on your own inclination).  I'm addicted and will return to Alignmentz any chance I get. It is Erin’s voice I hear in my head now that I have returned to Pilates in California.

N.A. 6/2018

"Motivating, inspiring, and extremely accomplished"

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