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Welcome to Alignmentz Pilates!

Pilates is an innovative approach to exercise that has been evolving since the 1920s. It unites the mind and body through a system of controlled, precise, yet flowing efficient exercises that target the deep intrinsic or postural muscles that provide the body’s underlying support. Pilates increases flexibility, strength, balance, lung capacity, endurance, bone density and energy while developing body awareness.


We use the STOTT PILATES method - an updated version of the original Pilates principles - to help you align five important areas that support your overall motion:

1. Breathing

2. Pelvis

3. Rib Cage

4. Scapula

5. Head and Cervical Spine

Here at our studio, we tailor every workout to meet your needs. We are committed to superior client service, ongoing professional education and teaching Pilates at the highest level.

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